We Jumped for Joy @ NOLCHA’s Fashion Show

This past Monday Nolcha Fashion week featured many incredible designers,  ranging from “Carrie Parry” to “Afia”. Don Q Rum made another appearance along with Kiss, KROMA natural makeup, and Paul Mitchell. There were three different fashion shows which featured new designers. I attended the most glamorous, elegant, third session at 7PM.

The 7pm Runway show featured newly launched designers and jewelry accessories from Maleku (which were amazingly beautiful). Here’s a recap of the amazing indie designers we got a first look at:

Danilo Gabrielli is a warm-hearted designer born in Porto Santo Stefano, Monte Argentario- a small island off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. During the show, one was able to see the excitement and the love for his line! His eyes twinkled and his cheeks were red. During the encore of Danilo’s line, another bright-hearted figure appeared on stage and it was his mother! The mother and son combo was a major tear-jerker and had the crowd cheering for more! Danilo’s line screams edgy, chic, and was full of earthtones for men and women. His mission is to be the refreshing face of “high end apparel.”

Guljan YRYS is in a league of its own! Gulzhan Rysbekova designs Guljan YRYS. During the show she featured a solid selection of dresses that are out of this world. The ethnic touch along with a very “feminine and strong, trendy and unique, sensual and fun” silhouette is a style one cannot pass up. This line is for women who love life to the fullest extent. If I had more room, there is a million beautiful words to describe the feeling Guljan YRYS’ line provides to its lovers of fashion. Before leaving, I had to make sure I snapped a shot with Gulzhan Rysbekova. She is simply a sweetheart. Go to  www.guljanyrys.com to see more styles and to be inspired!

Lastly, KabukiU by Telina Webb. The name alone is very intriguing. Having researched the line prior to the show, I discovered it was strictly made up of Kimonos. “The Kimono Trousseau, a three-piece set comprising of full-length kimono, matching pants and 3-metre Obi, is the undeniable signature look we love oh so much! It was an honor to see the beautifully handmade Kimonos appear on the runway with elegance, enchantment, and femininity. Go to www.kabukiu.com.au.

Another amazing designer  featured at Nolcha’s show was one whom stood out to me the most! William Watson. I  had a chance to chat with William Watson,  and I was intrigued and truly inspired by his line! His strictly menswear line is one that won’t sit “quietly.” There isn’t much more I could say actually, let William Watson tell you himself, go to www.williamwatsonnyc.com.

Special thanks to Alyson Campbell for having Joonbug attend NOLCHA’s Fashion Show. We had a blast! C

All photos by Roman Barabash- R.B Photography.

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