Maybelline Baby lips neon rose lip balm

maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm

Hi everyone, My many readers curse to knew about my favorite lip balm, now finally it’s time to reveal my top favorite lip balm that is Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm, two more shades comes in that range that Is Pink Peony and Tangerine Pop. But this one is perfect, after reading so many reviews about this lip balm I was crazy to pick it up. I already finished Pink peony and tangerine pop which was not so good so now it’s time for neon rose. Actually it was my first review on any beauty product so I was bit confuses but I hope you like it. It’s a limited edition so girls hurry up and grab one for you.

Price: I grab it at RM (9.90) – $3 almost but price may vary from store to store.

What I think about this shade:

The next generation of lip balm is born; due you like this line I love it when ever I heard it in commercials. At store when I swatches all the shades this one completely suits on me but you know I was a girl so when I saw it’s a limited edition I buy all the shades without further thinking. I know its sounds funny but it’s true. Neon rose looked the most tinted on my lips, well you can say that it’s a perfect rosy pink that cover up your lips in just few seconds after the application. Its looks very natural and cute but remember that it doesn’t fully cover the pigmented lips or black lips. I have to swipe two to three times for the rosy tint to show up, but after buying this lip balm I don’t need any lip gloss or lipstick, it’s all in one for me. So girls if you afraid with lipsticks then this great product is for you to look natural.

What I think about this shade

How’s the texture?

Well, the best thing which I discover about this lip balm is that its super smooth and very easy to apply the secret is that it is formulated with Vitamin E and jojoba oil which helps to shed away rough dryness for getting smooth and cushioned lips all day. I don’t found it heavy or greasy on my lips, it also didn’t stain on cups or glasses so don’t worry girls. It gives a new life to my dry and chapped lips which no other lip balm does.

What about the packaging?

As I said before that I loved it. so how I don’t like its packing. It’s cute and small. It’s transparent so you can easily see the lip balm on the cover. Its almost girly and the beautiful fonts written on its packing attracts every girls towards it.

Ingredients and direction to use:

Ingredients and direction to use:

Goods things about Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm

  1. It has a nice rosy and fruity mix smell.
  2. Inexpensive
  3. You can easily carry it with you while you are travelling.
  4. Makes lips super smooth and soft
  5. It has SPF 16 which is the biggest pro.
  6. No need of lipstick while having it.

Some bad things about Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm

  1. The color will not show up on the dark skin tones.
  2. I think 6 hour claim should be false.


Swatch on lips

At the end if you don’t have this Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm immediately go and grab one piece for you before it getting too late. This lip balm looks great on fair to medium skin tone girls so I highly recommended all the girls to buy this lip balm it worth each and every penny, it lasts for almost 3 months or move depend on usage.

Did anyone use this Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm before? Do you like this Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm? If yes then don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinion on my first review about Maybelline baby lips neon rose lip balm in the below comment box. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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