16 Ways to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Many people’s asked me the same question again and again that I want to lose weight, but naturally at home because I don’t have time to go to any professional gym. And I said yes you can its easy and effective. As naturally losing weight is effective, but if you stop doing this you can’t gain weight. Now you are thinking that I am talking about dieting? Oh! No, it’s not about dieting you have to do some lifestyle changing that helps to lose weight. As Lifestyle changing means eating habits because whatever we eat, our body stores it in the forms of fat so think twice before you eat anything. I hope these tips help you to lose weight easily and it stays permanent. I tried these tips for myself and I found is very effective.

16 ways to lose weight fast

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  1. Make a food diary and write whatever you eat or drink, do this for a week and you see a good change in your weight.
  2. Lose weight with your friend or any family member, because you challenge each other and in this case you say to yourself that you have to lose weight so many people founds this trick effective.
  3. Learn to say no, yes you heard right learn the word no, no to junk foods no to everything that gain weight. Focus on your goal.
  4. Always remember that after eating a healthy breakfast which mostly consists of boil egg and fresh orange juice, after that stick with water as you feel fullness so you don’t need much lunch.
  5. When you about to start your meal just separate the 3 or 4 bits this act helps you to save 50 or 60 calories per meal.
  6. Every time when I watch TV I eat something like chips or popcorns, I know its everyone hobby so by watching less TV or stand while watching TV helps you lose weight.
  7. Every day engages you in some home activities like washing dirty clothes, floors, manage your cupboard or your messy room or toilet.
  8. Every time when you feel hunger, drink a full glass of water after that if you still feel it, that’s meant so are actually hungry and it’s not craving.
  9. If you can’t control your craving then sniff peppermint or apple that helps you control the craving.
  10. Everyone has stairs in their home so spend your sometimes properly 10 or 15 minutes walking up and down on the stairs, I know at starting its different but after that you are using too with this.
  11. Whatever you are doing just standing up after every two hours and walk for 2 to 3 minutes. One more thing you have to walk for 45 minutes if you want to lose your weight and fat.
  12. Eat water based foods as it contains fewer calories and full your plate with fresh veggies and fruits.
  13. Eat oatmeal for your breakfast three times a week and you have to eat full fruit instead of drinking its juice.
  14. Eat lots of nuts and always drink hot milk with full fat I know its sounds crazy but skim milk gain weight so drink full-fat milk instead of skim milk.
  15. Every time you eat something just go and brush your teeth its sounds funny but it’s really helping because the peppermint sensation gives a signal to your brain that mealtime is no more so this act helps to stop eating further food.
  16. Last but not the least please sit less do everything in standing mode like If you answering any phone call just answer it while standing but sitting or lying on the bed . Wants to use Facebook and chit chat with you friend or family member stand up. All I want to say that do your regular work while standing like cooking ironing clothes or etc. As less sit less fat that’s it.

These are some tips which I want to share with you all I hope it works for you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, or if you have any question regarding weight loss then drop a message in the below comment box.


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